A unique wine club for unique wines.

None of that

Heck, you don’t even need to buy bottles.

~ $25/month (+tax) gets you ~

$25 in reward points

which you can use towards anything we sell (and which rollover)

20% off all wine

that’s a pretty nice discount

special promotions

like first-round-on-the-house events and such

first priority & exclusivity

on new releases, special releases and reserve wines

club only events

special events just for club members

discounts & priority on general events

first dibs and savings on general events

20-inch blades on your Impala

just kidding on that one


No requirements to take shipments of bottles or any of that.
Spend your reward points on whatever you like – if you want that to be bottles, awesome, but feel free to spend it on glasses of wine, tasting flights, merchandise, or whatever.

Come on in to the winery to sign up and start getting your bene’s!
(We’ll get an online version working soon, too.)